About LGL


So, who are you really? 

First and foremost, I’m the mother of five wonderful children. They’re interesting, they’re quirky, they’re kind. They’re the very best of me and their dad combined. We’re very lucky.

I’m also a professional writer, work-at-home parent, former editor of a small town paper and a lover of nature. That last one has turned itself into a passion for ways to cut back on energy use and waste without giving up the conveniences of a modern life.

I make it a point to stay relaxed. High levels of stress aren’t good for the mind or the body. That said, it’s good to have priorities. It’s even better to be able to celebrate when your dreams come true. That doesn’t happen without a bit of work, but it’s the fun kind of effort.

Why so lazy?

At some point, the granola crowd decided life had to be painful to be truly green, but you don’t have to suffer in order to support Mother Earth. Humans are her children too, and it really is possible to live in harmony with the world without rejecting the comforts of civilization. At Lazy Green Living, you’ll discover many ways you can do just that, without spending a fortune.

I started writing about easy ways to reduce human impact on the planet way back in the ’90s when environmentalism was still pretty cool. Given the current political climate, it is more important than ever that we all start doing our part.

For this blog, that also means investing money in a green host and domain provider. We’re very happy to promote our relationship with…

I’m very glad to have you here at Lazy Green Living and hope you can incorporate some of our methods into your daily lives. Please be sure to share with your like-minded friends, and let us know whenever you’re looking for answers to specific problems. Together, it will be much easier to find a solution. 😉

— Hil