Introducing New Gardening Projects for Beginners

Super simple gardening projects anyone can handle

Believe me. I’m good at a lot of things, but they don’t generally involve my hands … or sweating in the sun. At our first home, I royally failed at keeping our beautiful landscaping in good order. Our yard now is very “natural,” and I find it absolutely charming. At the same time, our kids would love to learn how to grow different things in different ways.

gardening-projects-for-beginnersWe’re a bit late in the season to figure all of this out, but we’ll be amassing instructions here for anyone who wants to get in on the process with us.

Why is gardening with children important to nurturing an earth-friendly mindset?

If you have more than one child, you probably know the important of having older siblings help out the new baby in order to help them bond. Fetch a diaper, rock the baby, sing him or her a song. Every little step toward taking care of someone reinforces the feelings of caring for them.

The same is true of your child’s relationship with Nature.

The more your little girls and boys help take care of the Earth as they grow up, the more they will care about her – and about themselves – as they mature and have families of their own. They’ll carry on those super simple ways of cutting back on waste and pollution and pass them down to their own children.

An environmental mindset is a gift that keeps on giving, even if your great-great grandchildren are the ones to reap the benefits.

Besides, growing your own food is healthy, cheaper and doesn’t required getting dressed to go shop for groceries! It’s perfect for Lazy Green Living.

Be sure to stop back often to see our list of gardening project grow, especially through winter. We’re going to be testing the very physics of Nature!