Find the Best Chainsaw Chain Compatible With Your Equipment

best chainsaw chain

Are the manufacturer’s components always the best chainsaw chain to use?

Finding the best chainsaw chain for your yard equipment or landscaping operation doesn’t always come down to brand name. Sometimes it’s more a matter of who is making a sturdy and well-made part to the specs of the EOM chain — but for a better price.

There are times when the manufacturer’s chain is the best product available, but you should take time to compare components and their reviews. We’ve done our best to make that easy to do. Remember, buying the right chain now will prevent you from having to replace another one for quite awhile. That’s all the motivation you should need to do a little diligence before ordering.


Why are you bothering to look for the best chainsaw chain when you could just buy a new chainsaw?

We’ve actually had people ask this question, and it leaves me scratching my head. Is changing out a chain so difficult you’d spend hundreds of dollars avoiding the job? No. Besides, you can drop your equipment off at a local repairshop and have it switched out for less. That said, there are plenty of options if you’re looking to buy new yardwork equipment.