The Changing Face of Lazy Green Living


Our blog grew out of a concern for teaching people – especially our children – to respect and enjoy Mother Earth … without getting stressed. While growing plants and recycling and just getting out to enjoy nature is going to be a focus, we’re also going to be addressing some of the more practical aspects of being environmentally concious in today’s modern world. Particularly in terms of lawn care.

Yes, we know. Greenlawn care sounds so lame.

We’ve dealt with the local city government on this issue, and in many areas, a natural lawn made of creepers or completely replaced with native plants or a vegetable garden is against the city code. That’s heartbreaking, especially when you realize how many people – in the United States, in a thriving country where so many people are rich beyond measure – there are families who can’t afford to eat every morning.

Don’t worry. We’re going to offer some solutions to that problem as well, but first, we want to focus on those practical responsibilities, because it seems like people are really struggling to care for their yards in a way that isn’t introducing toxins directly into their families.

Did you know using pesticides on your lawn raises your cancer rate significantly? Backed by science and everything. We’re not making this up to scare you into using our vegan organic mulch products, but to explain why we’re changing such a fun blog into something that might seem so boring.

This country needs more safe green lawn care!

That doesn’t mean slaving every day plucking weeds out by hand, or dealing with bare patches of brown soil either. There are even reasonably safe quick-fixes on the market that won’t put you or your family in danger (or your chakra out of whack!).

I hope you can carry on alongside us on this journey to safe and responsible lawn care, while sticking around to enjoy some children’s gardening and recycling projects too. As summer fades, there will be plenty to do. Please subscribe to our email list today to stay up-to-date on the latest greenlawn techniques… that won’t break the bank!